GST (Goods and Services Tax)

We are delighted to introduce Vowel Enterprise as your one stop GST Solution Center. GST is around the clock and it’s high time to pioneer its services to be the game changer. Leave all your concerns regarding GST to us!

Vowel enterprise is now your GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) Center and ASP (Application service Provider) center, where you can get hassle solutions to GST issues and formalities that too at your doorstep.

ASP (Application Service Provider) Center, Vowel Enterprise will be providing you Best of Best application for GST services along with GSP Uploading Facility.

Vowel enterprise in collaboration with Alankit limited, Common Service Center, Udyog Software, and enComply has formulated the best strategies for GST return application portal.

Vowel GST Return Application

Features and Advantages of

1. GST Returns, Reconciliations and Data Upload

Unique features of our GST Returns, Reconciliations and Data Upload offering:

  • Generation of all GST Returns (GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3…) based on uploaded invoices and counter party action
  • Automated B2C/B2B/B2G taxable outward and inward supplies Reconciliation/Return/Amendment
  • Manage , Receive and Reconcile ledgers, cash, input tax credit and payments
  • Utility to reconcile with the counterparties’ transactional data through advanced data matching techniques and generation of mismatch report
  • Posting of Outward/inward Transaction for Regular and Amendment filings with workflow based data processing
  • Source friendly connectors to extract invoice data from your ERP or other source systems and post the data to GSTN
  • Standard Data Converters for most of the major enterprise software systems such as Oracle ERP, SAP, Infor, QAD among others


  • Data can easily flow from your source systems to GSTN portal via source friendly data connectors
  • Minimize too many to-and-fro reconciliations with your counterparties
  • Plug leakages in input tax credit by capturing transactional data using multiple integration options
  • Audit friendly versioning to file amendments for any previous months by applying respective tax validation and computation rules
  • Built-in eSign functionality for secure filing of returns

2. Integrated Dashboards and GSTN Forms

Unique features of our integrated Dashboards and GSTN Forms offering:

  • Stay up-to-date about pending taxes to be filed in a month with the Tax Calendar
  • Includes Work-queue messages, Alerts& Reminders for internal process management across departments and locations
  • Process GST Forms with BPN including Register, Amend, Renew, Cancel, Appoint TRP or vice versa
  • Track the overall lifecycle of the return to ensure you are working toward a successful filing
  • Scopes for assigning tasks or engage tax partners to assist in a task
  • Scopes for assigning tasks or engage tax partners to assist in a task
  • Deliver notification from the Revenue authorities and the GSTN Through alerts and Forms services


  • Minimize your MIS costs with our GST reporting and analytics
  • Decentralize your tax data preparation and centralize your tax conformity
  • Seamless integration with all data visualization tools such as Tableau, Qlikview
  • Single dashboard to view compliances by location, role, and time
  • Offers highly configurable views that helps you to drill down data by:
    *Compliance type *Location *Client *User

GST Billing Software

  • Gold License

    • Gold License are for CAs and Tax Practitioners
    • Gold card allows your staff access, work with real time entries of your clients that are assigned to them
  • Silver License

    • Silver License is for your clients
    • Record transaction on your clients behalf or install an application at their end on which they can record transactions

Software Features


    • Minimal manual inputs required for populating maximum information for invoice preparation as per GSTN recommended format
    • Applicable tax amount can be automatically calculated based on HSN/SAC, and place of supply

    • All sale/purchase data synced on cloud and accessible to CAs on a single click
    • The downloaded data is in GST compliant format with all tax calculations completed

    • Eliminates the need for dependency on ASP/GSP
    • Integration with enComply for processing GST Returns and Reconciliation

    • Computes available/eligible input tax credit amount
    • Helps in adjusting the input tax credit against multiple payables, post reconciliation

    • Enables importing of data from external business systems like Tally in multiple formats, and then processing the data for return filing
    • An option to generate printable PDF files and transfer the same to a network folder with FTP Synchronization

    • Successfully logged-in users can access functions permitted with role based authentication
    • Organization can track all activities/changes done

    • Create multiple sub-organizations with multiple GSTINs and further manage their Shipping To and Shipping From locations
    • Create, edit and manage all your masters within the cloud-ready billing system

    • Helps you to view graphical representation of paid invoices, outstanding invoices, and overdue invoices across both receivables and payables, and top 5 vendors and customers in the dashboard.
    • Scope for easy navigation to sales and purchase screen for better analysis

    • Allocate payments and receipts from the invoice screen itself with well-designed user-friendly navigations
    • Adjusting total amounts across multiple invoices from a single screen for all receivables and payables

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